Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miniatures Museum of The World-Taiwan (5)

Today's post is devoted to all things French!

Souvenir de Provence
(Artisan: Trezoortjes from Belgium)
This is one of my favourite exhibits and I know my dear Mercedes will love it too (as well as many of you). True to the spirit of Vive la vie bohème, as Mercedes would say, I hope you enjoy this shop as much as I did.

French House (1:12)

French Bakery (1:12)

French Room (1:12)


  1. Hi Sans, you make me wish to go to Provence at once. It's very close to Genoa, no more than 2.30 hours drive and although Liguria ( my own region) is not that different the atmosphere is totally different. May be is because they speak French?

  2. Thanks so much for all these wonderful pictures of these amazing works. I'm enjoying them very much. Mini hugs!

  3. Hi Rosanna, if I was in Genoa, I will drive down to Provence in a heart beat, find a good hairdresser there and go back once a year to do my hair!

    Hey Kim, I know you love French too! As I was posting the pics of the French Bakery, I was thinking of the shabby cake shop of yours :D!Glad you like these pics.

  4. Thankyou my friend! WHat a lovely way to start the day with a little trip to France. I feel like I just died and went to miniature heaven! LOVE that Provence shop, the exterior is perfect...
    Vive la vie bohème!

  5. LOL, Merce! Glad you like the pics.

  6. Oh wow, can't wait to look at all the photos again, thank you so much, these are amazing... you are so wonderful sharing these!
    Mini Hugs, Jean

  7. Thank you JD! :D Glad you pop by.