Saturday, April 4, 2009

Art, Artisan,Artistry-Tree Wizards & Bonsai Priestess

This post is for 2 artisans whom I have the greatest pleasure of knowing ever since I started my mini hobby. Here's to you, Chris aka The Tree Wizard and Jayne, the High Priestess of Mini Bonsais. Jayne is currently also in the midst of making a tree and since I have just finished my tree, this post is about, yes, trees!

PLUS, I have just been over to Chris' dream workshop and I have his permission to show it off on my blog.

But 1st, Jayne, look what the cat dragged in while she went running last week. Fafa is exasperated with me as I kept bringing a few of these home every time I run and there is simply no more place for them any more.

Right after I immortalise them in this post, they are going back to Nature except for the one I want to keep for my willow (so there, Chris! who pooh-poohed my tree because it is not crafted with wires etc etc).

Tree 1- My "Sapling Willow To Be" standing at about 20" (h) and 15" (w)

Tree 2- The Weird and Wonderful Tree 28" by 28'

Tree 3- The Tree B4 All the Other Tree aka Back to Nature Tree

Tree 4- Whopping Whomping Tree at 50" by 50" (the one to scale but can fit nowhere tree but this one is for Jayne)

These are the trees made by Chris:

Here is Jayne's beautiful sapling orange tree:

Jayne has a terrific blog at Tallulah Belle with immense following and you can also view her gallery at her website known as Tallulah Belle Originals. So she really needs little introduction from me.

The Tree Wizard however is a newbie at blogging (I just taught him how to create a profile this morning!! ) and fairly new to the blogosphere. So if I may, I will like to add a few more tit-bits about my very talented friend.

Chris' work has been featured many times in our local papers/ magazines and what not . One of his earliest work (1992) was the construction of a model of an old conserved shop house in Singapore. The following is an article on him from as far back:

Chris is now dying to build a dollhouse modelled after an old conserved building in Singapore and I hope he improves on his blogging skills FAST cos I am sure everyone will want to read about his progress. That beauty featured was built to be blasted for a movie. Yes, I fainted as well when I heard!

Chris is probably the most notable mini tree maker in Singapore. His work was selected as a gift to the President of Singapore in quite a prominent gala event here in 2004 where the National Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards were given out.

He was also commissioned to re-create the diaorama of the Bali bombing for the government.

Here's a few more pics, this time on Chris' to-die-for workshop where he works, sleeps, cooks and does his laundry:

Although Chris thinks I should trash my tree, he is very jealous of my camels and dolls. So eat your heart out Chris and stop gasping!


  1. Are you going to do ALL those trees? you are a brave girl.Have much fun! Hugs

  2. Oh my goodness! What a great friend to have...there must be some way you can get him to build that palace of yours.

  3. High Priestess of bonsais...Lol. Oh you make me blush :-)

    Those trees are amazing.....can't wait to see how they turn out.

    Chris's trees are very impressive to check out his blog now :-)


  4. Rosanna, I don't know what I am going to do with the trees..they are all stacked up in my store-room...

    Mercedes, Chris wants to build his own dollhouse now, that jerk! :D

    Jayne, you are also known as The Witch of EastWeed !

  5. Where can i find Chris' workshop? I want to buy a tree.