Friday, April 17, 2009

Miniatures Museum of The World-Taiwan (4)

SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 1997, MMOT's collection has expanded significantly and is apparently still growing. When I was there on the 1st day, I asked the museum shop assistant about the founders. She told me that they were away (probably in Europe or the US) to inspect more work which they have commissioned for the museum! Now THAT is a wonderful way to share a passion, I thought.

It is all the more meaningful and sweet when one view the museum's 1st ever collection, the Country Tea House and Antique Shop and then watch how that "humble" exhibit has grown to 200 over dollhouses and room boxes. So without further ado, enjoy!

Country Tea House and Antique Shop (1:12)

This 2 houses were sitting side by side in the museum.

Details of the Country Tea-House (exterior)
Do you guys have Walls ice-cream? It was very big in Singapore and I remembered a long long time ago, we had an ice-cream parlour that only sold Walls ice cream or was it Magnolia...
Nope, I can't see the bees either but its supposed to be in the basket of flowers.

This is a broken lamp-post which is not showing up well in this picture.

Details- Interior of Country Tea House
Upper Floor
Lower Floor
Details of Antique House (exterior)
Upper Floor
Lower Floor

This next exhibit is one of my favourites mainly for what it represents. I know many of you do not read Chinese so I will interpret this sign for you:
Title "A Housewife's Achievement"

This exhibit is by a San Franciscan housewife who had spent 5 years completing this project. Her interest in miniatures started 20 years ago from making something simple to creating challenging projects. For this house, it started with a kit from a hobby house, she then planned the design of the interiors, bought the materials and started wallpapering and flooring the house. She bought some of the more common items from miniature shops but for many of the collectibles, she could only buy them at annual miniature shows or commission artisans to make them. This project is an inspiration to us all for it shows that with patience and creativity, anyone can build their own dream house.

A San Francisco House (1:12)
This is how the house is exhibited, with the opening slightly ajar so it is impossible to take the full interior. I have therefore lifted this 2 pictures from the book to show you how the full interior looks like before I show you the rest of my shots.
Details of Interior (3rd Floor)
This was the shot I took on my 1st day.

The 2nd time I was there, I noticed that the door was slightly more ajar and managed to take the above picture, revealing the wash stand ? next to the bed. I still cannot identify what that is.
Close up of unidentifiable object

This chest is just to die for!

2nd Floor
1st Floor

The Russian Consulate (1:12)
This house is completely closed so you can see the interior only through the windows.I will end this post with something whimsical- The Faerie Forest
This is a heavily populated forest. Every corner you turn, someone is there or something is going on. This exhibit is placed at the centre of the aisle so that you can have a 360 degree view. Be prepared for loads of pictures. You may also have to strain a little to see what's really going on.
The smaller tree house with occupant on the upper branch and a lit hole in the trunk.
Close up of the little room downstairs
A really neat fire place that flickers..Turtles in the pond
A Pumpkin Feast
Walking on a tight branch
while someone is having a swinging good time..
Other frolickers

Back of the tree

Back of the small treeThe HarvestersGoodnight peeps!


  1. Wonderful, so much to see!!!!

    love sylvia

  2. Too many things! I'll give a second look tomorrow. good night

  3. Take your time Rosanna . I am going to take a break from all these pics..too many for me as well !

  4. Thankyou for taking so many pics. These are all such wonderful miniatures, really amazing!

  5. The unnamed object is an umbrella holder. Strange thing to keep beside a bed. They are really too many, so eyecatching but quite intoxicating. I had the same feeling in Basel at the Puppehausmuseum. Something like Stendhal Syndrome.

  6. Not that I don't like all the pictures!! But I really really like this Fairy House!Wish I was little enough to fit in it!! LOL

  7. Oh yes, Katie! Can you imagine if you are seeing it live?