Friday, September 24, 2010

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills-Tomohachi

I am an avid follower  of Tomohachi's blog. She was introduced to me by  2 other  Singapore based miniature artisans, Cindy and Asuka who knew her from way back when.  On 1st September 2010, Tomahachi organised a giveaway to celebrate her anniversary on blogland (5 for her Japanese blog and 2 for her English one). 

She announced the winner on 8th Sept 2010 and 5 days later, my goodies galore arrived from Japan to Singapore.

Firstly, there is this absolutely amazing strawberry container. They are made with perspex material for the transparent part and plastic for the cover. Just like the real thing. A neatly packed trio of macarons are tucked inside.

She also made a charming country box with 2 bottles of olive oil, extra virgin and virgin with apples to match.   

Here are her super realistic breads and cheese. There is also a bag of scallop biscuits that my nephew will love, if they are life size.

I believe she designed this mug herself and of course, she very considerately put in a bag of marigold tea and a paper crane for company. 

Arigato gozaimasu,  Tomoko.
I will treasure your gifts, always.