Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Running Routes- I Light Marina Bay

Some of you may already know that I run regularly. On Sunday mornings, I run with a group of very dear and wonderful friends who often look for interesting routes so that we are motivated to wake up at 6am , sometimes, 5 , just to run.

It has become almost a habit now that even when I run on my own, I look for places of interest (once I even diverted and shopped for 6 hours instead). Monday night, we hit jackpot when we ran to see the outdoor light installations by international  artists along Marina Bay. I took my camera along and even though we ran for 2 over hours, it felt shorter because it was wonderful.

 ( / ) by Angela Chong

This is one of my favourite installations. I love the title which is a symbol for the backside. The description says "This installation  is a functional sculpture which illuminates at night while allowing the public to use it as a sitting area." Cher Kuan, if you are reading this, I took the last pic to prove that I took the photographs . Yes, it is with the same camera that you own. Eat your heart out!

Another of my favourite, the pattern on the wall changes depending on who is standing in front of the projector. 

Giant can also be beautiful which is why I have decided that I will make this post here featuring non-mini things for the first time. 

 Details of The Living! Project which is made with plastic cups and 

plastic bottles. The public is encouraged to add to the installation with their own plastic cups.

Thanks to my running mates, I have found so much more beauty in my country.

OOOPS! Nearly forgot this one:

Energy Saving Lights by Fai (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Japanese Ningyo Doll

I saw this  Ningyo (human form in Japanese) doll at an Asian antique shop in Tanglin Mall when I was out running last Friday. The run started at 10am and I didn't get home till 6pm that day because I ended up shopping along the Orchard Road belt. 

I usually do not go for  traditional dolls especially the Japanese ones but this one caught my eye. It was supposedly 50 years old-the fabric does look faded and the details were quite remarkable.

Some of my friends who have read my post on the Krishnanagar dolls on the other blog will know how much I like hair on dolls. You can see why I am charmed by the hair on Ojiisan ("Granpa" in Japanese) .It's so neat!

But in the end, what really sold me was the fact that the doll is made of plastic! I did a double take when I found out. Are you surprise too? I had thought it was clay until I held it in my hands and it was so light.

Punch and Jiji chatting in my garden whilst Punch is working