Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills-Jollie, Glenda & Drora

It has been a most exhilarating and intensely emotional GE 2011 (General Elections) for me.  I had only voted once in my life thus far and it is too tedious to explain why but thanks to the volunteer work I did during this election, I have never felt so involved with the politics of my country. 

Live, Love, Inspire, Believe

How apt that Jollie should send me these tiny charms a couple of months ago. And that is not all, she gave me a little sachet filled with charms. Charms she thought I might enjoy because they reminded her of me and she was spot on. I love them all. 

And then she also made me this miniature magazine with lotuses on its cover. 

I was very moved when I saw how she had used ethnic themed articles for the inside of this magazine.  

Thank you, Jollie! 

Almost at the same time, I received tidings from the shores of Israel. 

What better gifts than Mother Nature's Miniatures? 

I am thrilled that I now have seashells from Spain (Eva), Greece (Jollie) and Israel (Drora). 

Thank you, Drora!

And then last month, I received these silk fabrics from Glenda.

They are antique kimono fabrics from Japan. 

I am overwhelmed. 

Thank you, Glenda!

I am high on LOVE now. 

The love for my country where courageous men and women inspire and made me believe again.

And the love for my friends who constantly remind me with their thoughtfulness and generosity

 that this is a life worth living.