Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills-Fafa's Javanese Couple

When Fafa returned from her hometown near Jogyakarta, Indonesia, 
she brought home many gifts. 
One of them is this pair of Javanese husband and wife on an old bicycle.

Measuring a mere 2 1/2" (base) wide and 2 2/3" high at its tallest, 
it depicts the couple in traditional Javanese costumes. 
The lady looks a lot like Fafa who is as pretty if not prettier,
and definitely just as voluptuous. 

The lady, wearing  a long Indonesian batik sarong,
 is holding dried edelweiss found in the Jogyajakarta mountains.
The man, bare chested (very typical in our tropical countries) 
wears his udeng (headgear) and loose checkered cotton pants.
There are also edelweiss on the ground.

Fafa's gift is now sitting on top of my jewellery box from Sri Lanka.
Like a perfect little box topper. 

I love my Javanese couple soooooooo much. 

Thank you, dear Fafa.