Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miniatures Museum of The World-Taiwan (2)

MMOT ranks 2nd in the world of miniatures museum, after the one in the Netherlands and span almost 1000 sqm worth of space. The museum features stunningly detailed miniatures along an aisle that winds its way through. The museum is American-centric as many of the commissioned dollhouses and rooms are made by American artisans, depicting replicas of actual structures, imaginary street scenes (my favourites), classy New York apartments, and whimsical works inspired by fairy tales. In all, there are more than 200 dolls' houses and room boxes, as well as eggshell carvings, model cars, dolls, and much more. Here are more of the exhibits:

70 by 77 by 80 cm
Adnan Karabay (USA)

ROSE MANSION (1:12) -Jean Day
(270 by 62 by 123 cm)
Reginald Twigg '92

This is a massive piece and because it is the 1st dollhouse I saw, I probably took the most pictures of this one. It also really makes me think of Jean and her oak house.

The elaborate re-creation has 20 rooms, fully furnished and "inhabited." As I have stated at My Maharajah's Palace- Day 37, this miniature is a replica of a mansion that stood on a hill in the U.S. city of Los Angeles at the turn of the 20th century, now no more.

Reginald Twigg, the creator of the Rose Mansion replica, devoted five years to researching and constructing the impressive work of art. He spent 10 days at the Taipei museum putting the finishing touches on the grand display.

The replica stands over a meter tall and two meters wide. Apparently, except for its scaled-down size and the fact that the people and the horse-drawn carriage out front are just models, the exhibit looks almost exactly like the actual residence. The creator made sure the materials used for the parts are similar to the ones in real life. I will point them out as we go through the pictures.

The Exterior-Front

The Front Porch / Verandah
I took this one for the puddle of water.

The Flower Garden?
I read a useful article on The Victorian Home about how all Victorian ladies must learn flower arrangements and they usually grow them in their flower garden. Special meanings were given to different types of flowers and so when a bouquet was presented, there need be no words because your arrangement of the flowers deliver the meaning. If you give someone grass, you are telling the person that he is useful. For a list of flowers and their meanings, you can check out The Victorian Home.

Right Porch-Afternoon Tea

2nd Storey
Porch/ Verandah
Left Side

My Favourite Character- The Trinket Seller


Third Floor

The Attic-Nanny's Room?
This is such a cute room because granny is playing with her doll's house.

Nanny's Bedroom?

Powder Room?
I really like the chair behind "belle".

Billiard Room
I think the billiard table is extraordinary work!

2nd Storey
Master Bedroom-Rose's Bedroom
The quilted blanket reminded me of the one that Mercedes made for Sylvia except hers are nicer. This one is corny, don't you think? It's got the USA flag, I believe.

Really like the dresser at the side.

Fireplace at the left side of the room and the beautifully carved mirror above

The Bathroom
Girl Preparing for Bath
This girl is modestly hidden at the entrance to the bathroom and it is not possible to get a picture of her with the entire room. I adore her underclothes and had to show her off here.

Mum's Bedroom?
The 2nd Parlour-Drawing Room?
1st Floor

The Library
I don't really know why this room is called the Library since there are no books that I can see but the banister work in here is magnificent. The piano in here is apparently made with the same material as a real piano.

Dining or Tea Room?
The trivets and plates on this table are all procelain or stoneware.

The Front Hallway
This is a very bad picture because the room was too badly lit but the fireplace is exquisite so this horribly "doctored" picture must be shared.

Now this one is of the other side of the same room. Shared here because you can see me taking the picture in the mirror. I was trying to get a good photo of the clock and didn't realise that the only thing clear in there is a picture of me!

Parlour or Sitting Room?
Another badly lit room.

2nd Sitting Room?
I had to take this one because I was amused by the fact that even museums use blu-tack and they are as careless as me when it comes to application.

I was hoping to post more rooms but it is already 1.30am here and I really should not overload the page. I don't really know why some of my pictures open to big ones and some don't and I am too sleepy to google . So if anyone of you know, I will really appreciate some tips on how I should do it right. Thanks!


  1. :D! What time is it at your side Mercedes? Anyway, did you check out the quilted blanket? I say yours is much nicer!

  2. My goodness Sans you are a reporter! very good piccies, but it's a pity that you are not visible in all your glory, I can only see a camera!!GO to sleep and rest a bit. Hugs Rosanna

  3. What a beautiful house! Those dolls are amazing....they all look so at home!!

  4. Hi Rosanna :D, I slept the whole day today! Katie, I too love dolls in my house. :D It is a beautiful home!

  5. Oh my goodness you are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos.

  6. Beautiful house! Thanks for sharing these pictures.
    Like you, I too do not understand why some photo's open to bigger ones and some don't. On my blog I upload nearly all of my photo's much bigger, so people can see the details better. But somehow they just don't open bigger. It is mystery to me why.