Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miniatures Museum of The World-Taiwan (1)

THE MINIATURES MUSEUM OF TAIWAN ("MMOT") is located at Basement 1 of a rather unimpressive office building which in turn is situated along a very unspectacular JianGuo North Road in Taipei.

The ordinary exterior however was deceiving for it belies a world so magical and enchanting, I went back again on my last day in Taipei. I was there from 10.30am to 4.30pm on the 1st day and spent another 4 and 1/2 hours on the 2nd . I took 1345 pictures and left each time only because the battery of my camera went flat. I had so many credit card slips from the museum, they cover the whole of my lap top and small table. Gasp!

Anyway, many of these exhibits remind me of many of you and so I am dedicating the exhibits to those of you I was thinking of when I took the pictures. I must say though that my pictures are a far far cry from seeing the exhibits in person. The lighting, the glass cases and the angle also made capturing the exquisite craftsmanship of many of these work with a camera impossible.

I will post the pictures in accordance to the order I saw them.

(I have only taken those I really liked or for my friends as there were way too many)

Barbie Dolls-
for Katie who loves Barbie Dolls

and for Sumaiya-Close up of The Ethnic Princesses

For Jean Day-Chinese Dolls

for all my friends from Mexico and for Jayne- Mexican Paper Dolls ( I love these dolls)

Tiny Scenes

Old Stove for Sylvia

Teapots Gallery - for Daisy Capri and Rosanna

Blue Kitchen-for Katie from Katie's Clay Corner, MiniKat, Doreen


  1. Thank you sans for the lovely thought! I love those teapots, the blu parrot is so cute, I'd like it real size. I'm happy you enjoied so much your tour. Hugs

  2. Hugs back. Rosanna. Glad you like them. There are more pictures reminding me of you.

  3. What great photos! Thank you for thinking of us while you toured the museum. Everything is so pretty.

  4. What an amazing place! Miniature Heaven!

  5. Hi Minikat and Merce, I really love this museum! It is indeed heaven for mini lovers like us. I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

  6. You are a treasure!!! Thank you so much for showing those amazing Chinese dolls, the costumes are fabulous. You are so fortunate getting to the Taiwan museum. I tried to talk my friends we dance with into going there when they were visiting Taiwan last year but they didn't have time. I'm glad you were able to spend so much time there and take so many photos to remember everything. Thanks again, your photos are wonderful.

  7. What a fantastic place. I'm really enjoying looking at the photo's you took..

  8. What a wonderful museum Susan...you were very lucky to be able to go there.

    Those Mexican dolls are wonderful.....how big were they ? I can't imagine how they are made from paper.


  9. Hi Jean, the one exhibit that really made me think you is Rose Mansion which is in the next post. My pictures is poor substitute for the real thing. I think no one really thought much of the museum unless you are a mini fan because I have 3 different groups of friends who went to Taiwan and none of them visited the museum despite me asking them to. Even my friends who had been staying at Taiwan have nit heard of it!!

  10. Hey Debbie, "Dreams of A Bride" may be a few post away because I took them on the 2nd day :D. Will let you know when I post them.

    Jayne, the big exhibit for you will be winter garden and a East London street scene of poor people. Anyway, the Mexican dolls are 1:6 scale and about 70 cm tall and very skinny :D

  11. Thanks, I love the teapots, you are a sweetheart, very courteous!

  12. I love all the pictures, but I do like that over stuffed kitchen....love the blue and white! And the barbies.....I love Barbies!! Thanks for taking the pictures to share with us...Over 1,300 pics, huh....lol!!! Good Lord, that's alot!

  13. Hi Daisy and Katie, gad you guys pop by to see the exhibits :D!