Monday, April 13, 2009

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills - Sylvia

A record has been broken. The parcel I sent to Sylvia reached her in 3 days ! I was in Taiwan when she received it. And tonight, whilst I was catching up on the posts I missed while away, having just reached home yesterday, I read this one she posted on the 9th April 2009 and the unabashed "cut and paste" of an extract is as follows:

Today I receive the mail from Sans and Rosanna, soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

From Sans two lovely but lonely chicks, mother crane has left them in an old shop in Chinatown, Singapore ( and Sans send them to the Netherlands)

One of them is going to live in the Flowershop, the other one in the Big house near me.

They are beautiful and thank you very much Sans!!!!!!!!!!

I saw these orphan babies at an old Chinatown shop lined up in a row waiting . I immediately thought of all the lovely birdhouses Mercedes made for everyone, including Sylvia. I also remembered Sylvia hanging one of her bird houses in the flower shop she was making.

How nice if these chicks should have a lovely home instead of a dusty old shop for shelter ! And so I took these home and promptly wrote to Sylvia. These babies may never grow up to their full potential but they are lovable nonetheless.

To my pleasant surprise, I found the siblings of the baby cranes at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan as well, sitting on a very expensive looking table in a very very classy room. I took pictures so I can show them to Sylvia. As I was trying to find the picture, I realise, to my amazement that I have taken about 1400 pictures at the MMOT alone. For the rest of the trip, I think I took 20!

Well, Sylvia, it may take me a while to find it, but I will post them when I do. One thing is for sure, the chicks that are with you are luckier than those at the MMOT.


  1. The chicks are much luckier, only the cold in the Netherland, but they get use to it.

    Thank you again,

    love Sylvia

  2. Before you leave, a pic for you of the chicks' family at the museum. Maybe tonight..