Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills - Rosanna

Rosanna received her teapots yesterday. This is the post she made about them and I have shamelessly lifted it wholesale from her blog and pasted it here. I am sure Rosanna won't mind.


Finalmente è arrivato un pacchetto anche per me. Grazie (grrrr) alle Poste Italiane sembra che non ci sia mai posta per me, non arriva mai niente.

Oggi invece ho avuto la bella sorpresa di ricevere il pacchetto di Susan di Singapore.

La scatola è già bellissima con una splendida immagine del suo futuro palazzo e dentro c'è un'intera collezione di teierine!

Io le colleziono (grandi e piccole) perciò non poteva scegliere meglio.
Grazie mille Sans.

At last it has arrived a parcel for me too. Thanks (grrrr) to Italian Mail it seems that there is never mail for me, nothing ever finds the way of my home.

But today I had the beautiful surprise of receiving a parcel by Susan from Singapore.

The box itself is beautiful with a splendid picture ot hers going to be Palace and inside there is a whole collection of small teapots!

I collect them, either small and big, therefore she couldn't choose any better. Thank you so much Sans.

It took a week or slightly less for my parcel to reach North Italy from Raffles Place Post Office, Singapore. I am really impressed with Singapore Post. Another gold medal for us *cough.

Anyway, you know what I think is the sweet thing about swaps? Surprise, thrills and the fact that it is from someone far far away. And when your gift makes someone smiles, even for a fleeting moment, or allow her to forget, for the teeniest while, that she is suffering from the meanest migraine, then that is reason enough, to do the things you do, reason enough to make time so you can say to someone "hey, you are in my thoughts..."


  1. I love your post and you have made me smile once more. Hugs Rosanna

  2. San, those teapots are so cute.
    I think I should send my mail for Rosanna through Singapore!

  3. San, they are beautiful and I think Rosanna is very happy with them.

  4. LOL, Mercedes!! Singapore Post will give you an award for that comment!

    Sylvia, I hope you will like yours too ;). Crossing my fingers.

    Rosanna, Merce & Sylvia, you three are so great at doing what you do, I cross my fingers whenever I send something to you three in case you go "oh no, what is this??" LOL. But I really enjoy these swaps, both receiving and giving and hope that you will be honest with me about the things I sent. I do try to send what I think will suit you or your house. TRY being the key word here.

    I love that you like the tea-pots, Rosanna :).