Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills - Mercedes & Taenia

In the one week before I left for Taiwan, I sent out a few parcels and 2 more have reached my new friends from far and wide. When I was in Taiwan, I also sent out a few postcards and Taenia also posted hers on her site. This is an extract of her post on Taenias Grimmauld Place:

Hallo San!

Thank you sooo much for this beautiful creature!
I'm sure that I will find the perfect place for it in my Grimmaul Place house.
And thanks for the postcard form Taiwan.
I was very surprised to receive a postcard form Taiwan and I am very happy to get one from a place so far away from my home.


The creature I gave Taenia is actually from a series of 12 animals of the Chinese Horoscope. This one is a goat. The 8th creature in the line-up. I bought it specially for Taenia because I was moved by her really sweet gesture in offering a miniature painting of an elephant for my palace and I thought this one will fit nicely as a mythical creature in her Grimmauld Place. I actually pick another one for her and changed my mind the last minute for the goat.

I found out subsequently that Taenia was indeed born in the year of the Goat. NOW, how wonderfully weird is that?

Shortly after I came home, Mercedes also got her parcel and this is an extract of her post entitled Tour Eiffel de Singapour!

A couple of days ago Liberty and I received some more lovely mail! This time from Sans in Singapore. In the package was the tiniest Eiffel tower! SO tiny, just 21mm (7/8 inch) tall! I had told Sans I was looking for one here but had only ever found one as part of a necklace and it was ridiculously expensive. Everyone who sees this Eiffel tower is just blown away by how small it is. She also included two sweet little candles (you can see one up there in the new blog header by the blue jug.)
A while ago Sans sent me some flowers. I used the yellow paeony looking ones in the basket arrangement on the table here. In the latest package there were some tiny flowers that I have 'planted' in my little garden.

Some of the large flowers had holes in them so they could be used as beads, Liberty has had great fun making jewellery!
There were hairclips for Liberty which she loved so much she's gone to sleep in them and a little porcelain doll - which Liberty wasn't too sure about at first but today it had joined her family of dolls and was having a great time! LOL! I'm sorry I don't have pics of everything, today turned into a crazy day.Mercedes

In the past couple of months, Mercedes and I have become regular e-pals. We write sometime once a week, sometime twice a day. Often it would be a full page of what's going on with our mini life , and then there is the quick one liner where she wrote "Go To Bed " after she saw me make a late post.

I have said it often enough that my love for miniature is a passion unshared as dollhouses are not that common here. "Hobby" is a word hardly uttered and "time"? The usual answer is "No time". And so, when my mini projects are vexing me or my usual sanctuary is giving me scarce comfort like now when the carpet I am working on looks nothing like the others', I take refuge in Mercedes' email because they invariably bring a smile to my face.


  1. I always smile at your emails too. I think we were destined to 'meet' my friend! Thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Such a nice post. Friendship comes unexpected and from where we'd have never thought of. I consider it a blessing.Hugs

  3. You both are so RIGHT!! The unexpected friendships are so often good. Now let me guess which sign you are born under...Rosanna, Mercedes, are you both born in the year of the Snake, either that or fairly close. Check Chinese Horoscope at ..just for fun :)!