Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tasha's School Room-Materials & Purchases

I was sooooo excited when I found this house on Sunday. Yay! Tasha (my niece) will have a school instead of just a school room. You see, I was going to build her a Victorian school room for her birthday in November (yes, I will need this much time).

I got the idea when I found these 6 Victorian Dollies measuring 3"h (below) about 2 weeks ago . They were used as key chains and selling for a song at a wholesale place. Although they cannot be used for My Maharajah's Palace, I had to get them because they are so cute and cheap (at S$1.50 each).
Since then, I had bought another little girl who is lame also 3" high, (found her leg broken when I reached home) and was going to look for a roombox which will fit everything. Until I saw the house. The size for this house assembled will measure h 19 1/2" w 17 1/4" d 14 1/4". I bought 2 houses (for the other niece or she will hate me) and 9 little packs of other things including furniture and playground sets on Sunday. On Monday, I went back and bought even more kits. I think I have 2 windmills and more furniture sets, 6 car kits for my 4 year old nephew and 2 more dollhouse kits. Here are some of the other sets I bought on Sunday:

They were bought from Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex and as it happened, there was also a huge booksale at its foyer. I found these wonderful books at a huge discount, all in some ways related or relevant to dollhouses. I highly recommend all of them.

Books on Dollhouses or related topic:

If you have the good luck to chance upon this book, you should realy grab it quick especially when it costs S$6.00. The book has so many colour pictures although this was a 1999 reprint. There are even tutorials on making baskets and upholstering a winged back chair!

I really love this book and wish I can crochet or knit or even sew but since I cannot, I bought Timesaving Sewing by Singer and hope I can learn something cos yes, I don't know how to use a sewing machine either. I think I can upholster better. And the next book Upholstery Styles is another amazing reference book with a history on 16th century fabric and furniture. I think the book is already out-of-print.

Other reference books:

Other reference books I bought yesterday at another book sale:

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