Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace Projects-Carpets

This post are excerpts from Day 27 & Day 28 of My Maharajah's Palace

I BOUGHT this book last Friday so that I can make my own mini Persian which would have otherwise cost me thousands of dollars. When I was searching for an image of the book online, today I found Lynne who has actually completed many of the designs in the book. These are some of them (if you visit Mini Mum, you can also find her mini rugs from other books):
Day 28

Anyway, the really pleasant thing I did today was to visit Singapore's oldest and rather famous (even my dad's been there cos of mum) cross-stitch store at People's Park Complex. I am determined to start on my carpet and have picked the Turkoman rug from the book I bought in Day 27 to start with. It looks like the kilims and Bokhara Persian that I own . If I am successful, my rug will be about 9" by 5" . If I am very successful, I should be able to do all the 25 patterns in this book.

These are the things I bought:

2 pcs of 18 count canvas 18" by 30"

2 pcs of hoop (needless really but they look pro) 8" & 10"

The following cotton threads - Cosmo 169 (navy blue), Cosmo 2241 (maroon), Cosmo (241) crimson, Cosmo 1000 (cream)

AND lastly...

Will log progress and see if I'll take 2 years to finish 1 rug. That was how long Sandra Morris took to finish the one she made for her DH staircase. Must be an exquisite piece of art.


  1. I just read all your rug posts and I think that answered most of my questions. I now know where your patterns came from , I know you used cotton, and it is done in cross stitch on 18 count canvas. Does anyone use the finer canvas I've seen sold online? I've seen 75 count but I'm not sure how small I need to go to get a good result. Any thoughts on that? Thanks

  2. Hi Minka, sorry it has taken me so long to answer this. My projects blog is a rather neglected one :).

    I have started stitching on a #40 and it is taking me forever! I have bought a #60, #75 even #90 canvas and at this point, I am not sure if they will ever be used for embroidery! :)

    By the way, you may want to check out natalia's blog at .