Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace Projects-Pewter Goblets

Excerpt from Day 18 of My Maharajah's Palace:-

To cheer myself up, I decided I should visit our "craft" store, Spotlight, again just a stone's throw from my house. I am sure the one in Australia is huge with floors and floors worth of doll making sections. The one here has 5 "hook-space" displaying 8 packets of dolls' curly hair in 4 colours (ok, ok so I was wrong in my last post), 1 12" doll and 2 18" dolls..

After wandering and wondering through aisles of interesting whatchamacallits, I decided I better start with something easy. So I spent the next 2 1/2 hours at the beads section and only left cos they were shutting. I decided I would not compromise and bought only their best.

I came home, almost 2300 hours and started working. At 1.45am, I made my 1st pewter goblets:

Close up shot of the intricate handiwork (5/8" h, 1/8"w (bottom) 2/8" (top)) :

A real pewter goblet and when I get better at it-Morani enjoying her goblet:

After a few more and her eyes crossing, no longer able to stand straight:

Will make accompaniment next.

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