Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace Projects-Flowers

This post first appeared onj My Maharajah's Palace-Day 33

I was so inspired by what Doreen and Jayne had done with their flowers that I went out and bought a vase (very beautiful Japanese bead (1/2" (w) & 1 1/8" (h) which I thought has a Mughal feel and will look good in Tara's room) and these pretty white rosettes. This is the result (2 3/4" h total) after a failed attempt and 4 hours. The leaves are from the Daiso batch which I bought in Day 2.

For me, apart from a sense of accomplishment, (no matter how amateurish the effort may seem,) the fun part is also the photoshoot of my handiwork afterwards:

It starts with a simple arrangement, a table, maybe a rug:

Then someone, ah, Mahendra, following the sensual scent of the fresh blossoms, comes in and starts dancing with joy at the sight of my priceless beauty:

She decides it will look great in her room at the Haram Sara and so "commandeers" what she thinks is a masterpiece and places it carefully on her dressing table.

There is more prancing and preening while Mahendra admires the vase and of course herself

You can see how she is so mighty please with herself in the close up shot here:

The next day, someone reports Mahendra's theft and poor Mahendra is promptly sentenced to die by being pricked to death with rose thorns.

Strangely the roses in the vase never fade or wilt or die. Legend has it that it is due to Mahendra's dancing as she has done so with the purest and most complete joy. That dance is now known as the Dance of Eternal Beauty and the Prince regrets to this day, the execution of Mahendra and his lost chance for immortality.

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