Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Musings-Thoughtful Gestures

Since the start of this hobby, I have been gifted with so many kind gestures, I am still reeling.

It started with my siblings' gifts (planning and rendering my palace) and of course, meeting so many wonderful fellow hobbyist and great craftsmen albeit only through the blogosphere. In my country where few share what many regard as frivolous and impractical, this is my "club" and a place of belonging.

And this week has been another one of those amazing one of receiving these humbling but treasured gestures.

I was at a drinks stall at Bras Basah Complex on Sunday when I saw these mini Tiger beer bottles hanging at the cash machine. I must have got really excited because the people at the stall just told me to "Take it if you like" when all I wanted was to ask where I could get it . I was even prepared to buy the beer if I have to even though I rather dislike beer unless it is with 7up. So cheers, Strangers, have a Tiger on me!

I made a swap with Mercedes from Liberty Biberty and while I wrapped my parcel with an envelope, she did hers with so much care, I was put to instant shame.The beautiful cover of the outer box is a gift wrap which she had cut and pasted on the box.

The treasures inside, most of which she made will be saved for posts in My Maharajah's Palace. I will however reveal that in the box which says "Palace Perfumerie" are gorgeous mini bottles of perfumes that Mercedes made and she had printed my sister's rendering of my palace, added the words and put it on a box. So, Mercedes, merci de toutes vos bontés

Yen, who stays in Shanghai, often remarked at how he simply could not understand my fascination with dollhouses. But when he chanced upon a mini shop in Shanghai, he took some pictures with his mobile phone because he thought I would like them and he was right. When he was here early last week, he showed me these pictures but I could not download them because he did not have his connectors with him.

He left and in Shanghai, emailed me to say he had to buy the cables to send me the pictures. "If not buy you the real thing, back in mid April".

On Monday night, I received these pictures in my email.

Whatever he did in order to email me these pictures, Yen had done it amidst his extremely busy schedule. Yen, Xie Xie Ni.

Finally, let me share this poetry with you

A simple hand towards the way,
A kind bow before you pray
That which leans towards the moral way
Such acts of simple kindness make one's day.

Holding open the door
For a bystander to walk through
Holding a child's hand
As they see the world while they come to
With their young and tender eyes wide open
They look upon you
With gentle care and love so near
A child to his birth givers care

To hold something for another
While they need an open grip
To care about the loss of one's mother
And to feel the heat of one's coffee before the sip

Many things beyond these here,
The common sense and polite way
Though seemly lacking, they're somewhat clear
In the light of our modern day.
---------- Tetsanosuke


  1. San, isn't life amazing! And aren't we lucky to be living in the age of the blogosphere. It's been truly wonderful making friends with like minded people and finding out there are people all over the world that are just as crazy! LOL!Vive la vie bohème!

  2. Thank you for crediting my poem, I find it amazing that any one would use my poetry after I post it on Anime forum. The very fact you gave me the credit I deserved made warm inside.

    Thank you again for deeming my poetry worthy for your consideration.