Monday, May 25, 2009

Art, Artisan,Artistry-TreeWizard And the Bombed House

Last weekend, I met my friend, Chris aka Treewizard who's trees I featured on Art, Artisan, Artistry-Tree Wizards and Bonsai Priestess. Chris was so excited with his current commission, he could not stop talking about it.I had to go and see it for myself.

This is a 1:24 model of a Chinatown shophouse that has been attacked by a terrorist. Chris was commissioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs to build this model for a particular occasion.

He is especially proud of the "bomb" that he made (Clue 4). There was also a decapitated head at 3, a crashed oil can at 6 and a broken circuit at 8.

Below is a pic of the other side of the house and you can see more body parts on the floor. This model will come complete with sound, maybe even smoke and definitely lights where "live" wire will be flickering dangerously.

For those of us who prefer pretty things, I found out that Chris also built the row of shophouses I featured at Miniature Museum of the World-Singapore. Chris did all the houses, the wayang stage, bumboat etc. A friend of his did the human beings.

I am very proud of my friend, Chris.


  1. Wow! Pretty gruesome but very well done! I like to see things which are not pretty once in a while. Compliments to your friend Chris. I wonder what Home Affairs wanted this for?

  2. Liberty is sitting here with me looking at this! She said, "that's not very nice", she's now calling Chris the 'yukky dollhouse man'.LOL!
    I think there's a little international project he might have to be involved with, don't you?!
    Vive la vie bohème!

  3. Josje, I am sure it's not even news where you are but last year, we have an escape convict from Singapore's supposedly most secured "prison". His name is Mas Selamat bin Kastari, the supposed head of the Singapore branch of militant group Jamaah Islamiah. Anyway, he was suspected of plotting bomb attacks and planning to crash airplanes into our airport. 2 or 3 weeks ago, Mas Selamat was arrested in Malaysia.

    This exhibit has something to do with the arrest of Mas Selamat. Anyway, it is mainly for educational purpose as Singaoreans are not used to attacks like this and have to be reminded to report suspicious bags etc. It is rumoured that Singpore is one of teh top 5 targets for terorist attacks.

    I am not sure what the event is but the VIP is supposed to press a button after his speech and either smoke or the siren will come on and the exhibit will come to "life" . LOL! I am not invited but maybe Chris is so he will have to let us know what happens then. I am sure though I will be treated to a sneak.

  4. Liberty, I totally agree with you that Chris is the "yukky dollhouse man" because like you, I will never want such a house in my home! I must ask you though to see Mr. Tree's (that's what he is known here in Singapore) other houses because he can also make pretty ones :). Thank you, Liberty and Mercedes for coming over to see the house. I will check with Mr. Tree on whether he is interested in the international project although I am afraid he may want to be paid for!