Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Maharajah Palace-Indian Carpet Chairs

This post 1st appeared on My Maharajah's Palace Day 66. This is part of a weekend "carpet project. I had wanted to make a few things out of carpets which I bought for the palace:

MY 1ST CHAIRS, these low Indian chairs are made to accompany the "carved table" for Maharajah Ranjit Singh, my carpet seller. The measurements are: Base- 4 3/8" by 3", height 1" without the bolsters and another inch, with.

I did this while working on another project. They are my "carpets" projects with carpets that I showcased on Day 64. This one took me 2 hours while the other which I shall not name at the moment has taken me almost 2 months from conceptualisation to Step 1.

Anyway, I thought of making these chairs when I bought the handwoven coasters for S$2 each. The wood base are from the clay dolls which I pried off so that they can fit into the "party house".

The "legs" of the chairs are beads I picked specially for the chairs. 24 of them cost only S$3.

Apart from sanding the chair base, construction method is really just glue, glue and more glue. Sanding really makes glue stick. So it is highly recommended.

Here's the 7 steps to successful carpet chair making:

Step 1: Sand base
Step 2: Glue carpet onto base top

Step 3: Stick 2 beads together for height

Step 4: While waiting for glue to dry, make bolsters
Step 5: Glue beads onto base of table
Step 6: Fit bolsters onto chair base and admire or groan

Step 7: Make a scene (optional) and take pictures (must)
This is so simple, you don't even need all 7 steps.

On the other hand, the other project is still at Step 1. If I can finish it by tonight, I will post it up and then I will have completed my Weekend Carpet Projects.

I sent one of these carpets to Meli of Casita de Meli and she posted it on her blog on 20th May 2009. I wonder what she will do with it...

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