Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills - Sylvia

I made my 1st miniatures for someone else. I know it's corny but it took some courage. Anyway, after I received the gifts from Sylvia, I thought it's time I make something for the people who have spent their precious time making things for my palace. And I guess, Sylvia was the "lucky" first although Mercedes, if you are reading this, you know I wanted to make you something sometime back but for for the lack of a crucial part. Didn't help that you kept receiving beautiful minis from Sylvia!!

I was inspired to make a wind chime for Sylvia after I saw her beach house. My own home has like a hundred of them . I hang 2 on my poster bed! Which means I think every beach house should have a wind chime. In line with the sea theme, I used tiny dolphins and 2 Indian cushion bells in the blue of her beach home. I made it "shabby" and tried to make it rusty or at least with paint that is wearing off. I wanted it to look home made and I am sure I succeeded.

Above is the 2nd version and below is the 1st:

Version 1 doesn't look so bad today but I didn't think it look like a wind chime that day. It also was too long. So I took it apart and made it in progressive lengths. Also added another bell hoping that it would chime louder. Kept testing it by shaking it at my ear. Does it chime well, Sylvia?

The barrel of flowers were much easier to make. I used dried moss from my home. So Sylvia, you have the Singapore soil in your beach house !

I dried tiny flowers picked from the road side and sprayed them "French Blue" again to match the house. Painted the barrel off white. The red flowers are from my pot pourri.

I made all these while staring a lot at Sylvia's house on my computer and visualising where she can put these. I picked the exact spots where she could place them and she did! (see her pic above which you can click through to her post about my parcel).

Sylvia thanked me in her post. She said they made her happy. The funny thing is when I saw her put my work at her porch, I really wanted to thank her! It's a deep deep satisfying feeling. Very pleasurable.

It was also a tremendous experience, making something for someone far far away, just by looking at their pictures.

Three days ago, you had that mini in your hand and today , they are in the Netherlands , in a far away home. Its not the same when you buy than when you make even though I take a lot of care in choosing my gifts.

So, I have quite a few tiny creations in the pipeline for houses far away that I have come to love and for the people who has come to mean so much. You know who you are. And don't worry, I won't be upset if they are not suitable. Just return them to me and I will make you another.


  1. Love the barrel and the little dolphins. We call the wind chimes differently, they are dreams catchers for us. I'm afraid I have none in my house but I'd love to do mobiles, I love their movements in the air.
    I'm cooking at the moment, a couscous as a memento from Tunisia. I bought a huge couscoussiere in Djerba and brought it home.Everybody bought awfull false Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada but I'm too much a snob: If I cannot afford originals I can do without them. To say the truth I do not care for originals as well, I'd rather spend my money in trips ;o)) Happy Sunday

  2. Rosanna, how can you cook and comment on blogs at the same time? You are one amazing chick!lol.

    Is your couscoussiere a traditional earthenware one? I am just like you. I buy traditional table ware and lug them home. I just love ceramics. Especially when they are huge

    We are alike where branded goods are concerned. No fakes! But I rather spend money on dollhouse than handbags Gucci, LV or Prada anyway except shoes. I only buy good shoes. Lucky I have enough to last a long long time. lol.Anyway, I refer vintage bags. More character, don't you think?