Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain by Jonas De Ro

Digital art by Jonas De Ro 

In this sweltering heat, I am yearning for rain....



  1. Came in the morning here again and you are missing a rain, dear Sam? Pack your bags and arrive! We have a lot of it lately.;) You will cool down and then come back home with Rosanna.;)
    I love this picture above.:)

  2. Really Ewalina? If I go, then YOU must come back with me ..heh heh :). I seriously don't recommend Singapore in this furnace-like heat..I feel giddy and grouchy all the time! I really can't stand this time of the year :(.

    Write and tell me how's everyone at home?

  3. Hello Sans! My yearning is for the country, but this painting beckons me to visit this peaceful retreat in the city! Today we are being gifted with the first real rain of the summer. To celebrate, I plan to take the children for a bike ride in it!! much love, rose

  4. You and me both, sweetcakes!! I yearn for rain ALOT. In fact, I love dreary weather. People think I'm nuts!!THat painting is just beyond. I want it!!!

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