Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Running Routes- Gardens By The Bay

From Inside The Flower Dome, 24/6/2012

Very few things here make me love my country the way our Sunday morning runs regularly do.

It might be while I was witnessing a miracle of nature over the quiet waters of our most famous river;

Original Photo by Cher Kuan- 24/6/2012

and then behold, a 100 year old romance coursed through.

25m tall super tree grove with a sky walkway- photo courtesy of MSNBC

It could be that moment of marvel at the super scale of a nation's vision, made possible by the effort of thousands, realising what might had seemed an impossible dream.

Summer display of Mediterranean flowers- Flower Dome,24/6/2012

Or on a very special morning like this one, the surprising greeting of a colourful burst of vibrance, 

details-flower dome, 24/6/2012

with promises smelling of hope and happiness,

African Garden-Flower Dome,24/6/2012

adventure and awe.

These are often how I feel while running with friends who have become like family in the many beautiful places in Singapore. This swelling of pride and sense of immense well being; a sensation I have come to recognise as love for my country, my home.


  1. :) I know it already: Singapore is a very green place, and if one day I will be as lucky as Rosanna is, to come and see it I know I will love it too!:)

  2. It will happen, Ewalina, I can feel it in my bones :)

  3. No question, you live in a gorgeous island country!! I did tell you that I've visited when I was about 14. And CLEAN!!! No chewing gum allowed!! I want to go back, damnit.

  4. When, Kiv, when??? Dammit, before 2015 please because I may have to move out of my current place! :)