Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace Project-Mini Baskets

This is extracted from a post in My Maharajah's Palace entitled: Day 88 Pt 2 - Rosanna's Baskets

I followed RoSanNa's tutorial on how to make beach baskets and made 4 bags cum baskets for my girls at the Maharajah's Palace.

These were made within 24 hours of the last one I made for the lady who has no feet.

I used caps and lighter for moulds. And some hemp and twisted paper strings and these lovely green round hoops which are used for ethnic dresses for handles.

This one is made with the cloth that I also used for the interior of the tent and I added a chrysanthemum.

to hide a flaw. See this corner where the flower is? That's where I made the mistake of not cutting enough cloth.

Now this little one is made from ribbons from Delhi.

The colours actually match the clothes worn by the girl with no feet and her man because I made this for her.

The last 2 are made of hemp ribbons (left) and hemp cloth (right) and are aged to give it a shabby look. It's all the rage now.

They are made for hardier use too. These can be sold cheaply and quickly.


  1. I like very many tuna that have been you the bags, you are all an artist, congratulations and mini hugs from sunny Spain