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My Maharajah's Palace-Bazaar-Mini Flower Stall

This post 1st appeared on Day 88 Pt 3 & Day 89 of My Maharajah's Palace:

After I did the post on the flowers from J.J, I decided that I liked the stall so much that I would keep it for a while. I thought I could display it as a centrepiece for my dining table until I eventually build something more permanent for it, if at all.

There were not enough leaves at the stall, so one of the 1st thing I did was to convert this banana leave tray (above, about 10 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide) into a signboard for the stall. It was inspired by the header at Tallulah-Belle Originals.

Next, I made some sword ferns.

I think I am addicted to the impossible tasks of trying to make fake plastic plants look realistic. These were 1:96 (?) palm trees that came with a packet of plastic animals I bought a while ago. I did my usual spray paint thing and then use a black marker to "draw and smudge" out the veins. Hopefully, one day, I will master the technique but it is useful to record my attempts.

I also made some pruned hedges (pom pom topiaries) for the back of the stall:

For these hedges, I used materials I already owned for ages. The pots were used to store salt. Two of them were mine and the 3rd I stole from mum. Wonder if she found out yet.

As if there is not enough green at the stall, I decided to add one more for Tallulah:

Here's a hectic Tallulah wiping the sweat off her brow and holding a pot of geraniums made by Jayne.

For the structure, I used 2 candle holders and the dome is a coin box I found at Mustapha during one of my 4am sleepless jaunts (20/6).

I have also added different levels to the display of the flowers so that they don't look so flat. I also made one more basket for the leaves and the ground is laid with a bamboo placemat.

Except for the topiary "trees" and the stall frame, I have tried to use material that gives a sense of portability, hopefully to suggest that this is a stall at a bazaar and not a shop. Tallulah is to be able to "pack everything up" at the end of the day, put a chain round all the stools and empty baskets and go home.

This is how my not so temporary flower stall in a bazaar look at the moment.

Except for 2 pairs of dolls, all the "characters have been "modified" to distinguish them from each other. Eventually, I hope to work on their dresses as well so that no 2 are wearing exactly the same clothes.

In this setting (above pic) , we see a bit of a lull at the stall. Most of the customers save for 2 girls, have already finished their purchases at Tallulah's and are on their way. The rest are browsers or chattering. At one corner is our romantic, loving and somewhat clumsy couple, with a new handbag. Her green kerchief is sticking out of her bag.

At the other corner, we see Tallulah. I have displayed all the flowers (except the lotus) made by Jayne on the tray between the girls. Thanks to the lull, she is able to speak to Tulip SriViNa, possibly about how she's looking for a partner, since business is going too well and she can hardly cope.

But actually a customer, standing next to SriViNa is waiting to pay for a bouquet and her basket on her head is getting heavy. If she operates on battery, I would have made her tap her foot impatiently.

Diametrically opposite from SriViNa and standing far far away from her is Saffron Syvia. You guessed it, Tulip Srivina and Saffron Syvia are the Kashmiri Twins. Syvia is talking to one of the Delhi Triplets, possibly about how to make money from saffron.

The rest of the Delhi triplets and their eldest sister are leaving the flower stall, making their way towards the Emperor's Emporium, which is 1 day away.

Standing at the middle of the stall is Moran, the lead dancer of the Nautch Girls from the palace. As she turns around, she catches the lecherous looks of a man whose arm is wound tightly around his girl, giving her a false sense of security. Moran is used to attention like this as her beauty is renowned.

The couple next to Mr Roving Eye are fighting. The lady is upset and the man is trying to explain

why their basket is filled with nothing but toddy. You can see here one of the 2 "shabby" baskets I made.

Here's the other one, carried by another girl riding pillion on a 3rd bicycle.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Eva for her comment on my flower post where I posted the picture below.

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