Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace- Mehndi

This is an excerpt from the post from Day 88 Pt 5 & 90 of My Maharajah's Palace:

I have given my "Banjaran" female dolls mehndi and tattoos.

I used less than 1 packet of Body Tattoo transfers bought at Daiso for S$2.00. To apply, I peel away the pattern, put it on the side of the hands which can be seen, wet it with a tissue and then remove the paper leaving the design on the palm or the back of your hand and their waists as tattoos.


  1. Perfect Sans!! I love it! It looks so good on them! :)

  2. Sans, you know I love looking at all your blogs, but I am going to award you one for this, since you have received probably ALL the awards in existence for your other blogs ;-)! You can pick it up when I post it, very soon!! You are one truly MAD miniaturist, and I love it!!

  3. FINALLY! Recognition for who I truly am :):) MAD!!! Love it ! Thank you Kiva!