Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Will Not Stop Running

I am a runner. I don't run like one, I don't look like one but I am one. 

December 2006, I ran a full marathon in just under 6 hours. It was the most grueling race of my life. It was also my most exhilarating. I couldn't walk for 3 days after that and I stopped running for 2 years. 

In early 2009, I resumed running again with a group of friends who have become like family. Thanks to them, I haven't stopped since. 

For some of us, we harbour dreams of running what we deem the most prestigious of all marathon races, the Boston Marathon. For me, the dream is a distant one as it is near impossible to make the qualifying time. Yet,  I continue to harbour that dream because running a marathon is precisely about overcoming what we often think is the impossible.

Because a marathon is a race to celebrate a super human will and tenacity,  it generates a goodwill beyond boundaries. It is not uncommon for people to withstand extreme weather for hours waiting at the finishing line to see their friends or family run in. Or for strangers to stand by at the half way mark, with bags of bananas, handing them out to runners swishing past. Runners who can probably only manage a  fleeting smile and a single word of thanks and who they will likely never meet again. 

What happened in Boston yesterday shocked and saddened me. It felt really close to home. In fact, I knew these people. They were the people I ran with in all those races, they were the spectators who cheered me on. I mourn their passing; I cry for their loss. 

And that is why I will not stop running. In their honour, I will continue to run for as long as I can.


  1. Beautiful post Sans. This morning I was overwhelmed with sadness and grief- not only from this story but so many others we see every single day of the cruelty we can show to each other. Then a friends post on facebook reminded me that along with the sad I feel determination. We cannot let the evil win out and we must live our lives spreading the love and kindness as fast as the others spread the evil. Any and every act of love and kindness each of us does counts. Your post today reminds me of the good in people, the community and love we can and do show each other. Sending you a hug today and hope you get a chance to run this week ♥

  2. I'll never get used to terror attacks. We were shocked to hear the news about the Boston Marathon. A cloud of sadness fell over Israel's celebrations of Independence Day, reminding us that evil knows no bounds. What can be gained with killing an innocent eight year old boy and civilians?
    Dear Sans, please continue to run.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Don't stop, dear Sam. It was also a shock for us. I am sure no one will stop running. Actually I think this will only make more people run and those who already do, will continue for the reason you've writen about.
    Hugs and kisses

  4. Dear Sans! I thought of you, one of the people I know who run... and was glad that you were not here! I am not very far away. I don't run, (except after my children!) but I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, I live two hours away and I go there often (was there the Monday of the week before)... I think of Boston as "My Home Town" and I am so proud of it's history as a leader in the search for Human Independence and Freedom! The outrage and disbelief and despair I felt at the news of this Insane attack surprised me. I am one who tries to see the good side of life even in the face of difficulties. I am not one to gloat over death of anyone... but I am Proud of the way Boston "Circled the Wagons" (what the Pioneers did when under attack) and hunted down the terrorists! I am saddened that it only takes a single crazy person to wreak great harm on others... but I am determined that this will not stop my belief that the Vast Majority of people are Good, Kind, Loving, Creative Humans and worthy of living a free and happy life! Someone wise (I forget who) said "The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself.." and I carry that with me often. Do not live in fear. Run anyway! Run because you love to run! Run because it connects you to other runners on the other side of the World even though you do not know them! We cannot let the acts of Terrorists change our lives... because if we do, if we begin to live in Fear... then they have won. We can't let that happen! So Run, Dear Sans! Run!!! And if you are ever here, I will stand at the side of the road... maybe even at the bottom of the street where I lived as a child, half way to Boston, and hand you water as you go past!!!
    Love has to Win!

  5. Bets, I was watching the news all day over the past days and cheered with the Bostonians when the younger brother was apprehended. This bombing has clearly affected runners worldwide. And it is heartening to see how it only reinforced the unity and bond between not only runners but supporters, friends and families of runners.

    I am so touched by all your messages here. And Betsy, I hope you don't mind but visiting you is definitely on my list of to-dos. :):) You are too special for me not to ever meet face to face :).

    The London marathon has concluded without incident. So did the historical West Bank marathon. Next week, I am travelling to Sabah again to run my 2nd overseas half marathon.

    I have been training and somehow the bombing has affected me enough so I lost all inspiration to work on minis, or writing. That's why I haven't been on blog land so much. But slowly and surely, I will be back :).

    Wait for me! :)

  6. Dear Sans! I look forward to the day we will meet! And I look forward to hearing about your half-marathon! Good luck with your run... and you Know I will always be waiting for your next mini post....:)