Thursday, January 19, 2012

Word Play Art

Word As Image- Project by Ji Lee

A  Lbeating_heartgophile?

Me too! 

And if you have had a loooooooooong week 

and need a sm;)e like I did

Then you must w@T@h  this

I love words and when they are art, I go nuts.

I have had a long week , actually a long month.

Word as Image really brought me the smiles, and some out loud laughs, I needed.

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. 


  1. Hi Sans this video is so funny and so cleverly conceived, I love it.
    I am busy stitching at the moment for another custom order: I have to earn some pocket money o buy the Casa Rossa things ;o))
    Matteo will be back next Tuesday and I am busy preparing for ths as well. More over W and I will spend next w-e in Venice !! Too many things, all of them nice, in just a short spam.
    I have been thinking of writing a seriousemail but it's always too late ( 1.21 am now) to put down things properly.
    As soon as you know your schedule write to me, I need to ask days off and I need to know when :o)) Hugs, Rosanna

  2. Ok Ro :). Can't believe we are doing this over here but great to hear that you are happy busy :).

    Fai is back to Ipoh for Chinese New Year. Watch your email, I will send you something right after this.