Friday, November 18, 2011

Rain By CCIllus

Illustrated by 大菠萝

Imagine that we all live in our dollhouses.

Imagine that all our houses were built under an umbrella.

                  one day

                                     it rained.....

I was browsing the web to escape work for 10 minutes and ended up being here for almost 3 hours. I even ended up blogging but I just had to. You see, I fell in love with this work-in-progress animation "Rain". The illustrator  lives in China and calls himself 大菠萝 which literally translates to "Big Pineapple". I have emailed him about this post but I am too impatient to wait for his reply. Maybe you too can understand why I just can't wait to share it with you.


  1. Agrh..... my internet is too slow to show me the dvd :(, I will come back here in 3 days when it works with it's normal speed because the picture you posted has interested me in a lot:)

  2. Hi Sans! Really creative video! I love when the man goes back to his room, and we see he is like a worker in those old Mao clothes--is that what they're called? And my favorite part is when he knocks the rain out of his ears. That was classic! Super-fun detail! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Ewa, it can take a while to download :(. Even for me. There is a shorter version on Vimeo but I can't find it now. That one's faster. :)

    Jen, I thought the idea is so amazing! My favourite is him coming down the elevator :).

  4. I like the video!! I want to see more :-) Loved it when he came down with the elevator!
    Must be a lonely life living on top of the umbrella!!!

  5. I love it and it is raining here.Thanks! CM

  6. I loved how when you see him waiting for the elevator in the stem of the umbrella, and the door slides open, it's bright as sunlight inside. It reminds me a little of a short film I saw when I was a little girl, about a classroom of children in a time in the future when it never stops raining. The kids bully the one girl in the class who believes that the rain will stop. She winds up locked in the closet when the rain subsides for a few minutes and the sun comes out-the rest of the children run outside into the light, while she has to hold her hand to the sliver of light that comes through the bottom of the door. Wow, that's depressing. I have a feeling that the animation might have a happier ending. It's beautiful, Sans.

  7. oh wow i want to watch the whole thing now! must show L, he's really fond of Cn animation ^ ^ how the heck did you find it :O the whole concept is too darling! my fave is also when he goes into the 'lighthouse' to rest and grab his pipe....hee hee very 'tong zhi' :P