Friday, August 19, 2011

Gifts, Swaps & Thrills-Flora's Mini Dollhouse Books

On the 19th of April this year, Flora organised a giveaway of a set of her adorable dollhouse books to celebrate the joy of having 400 followers , some of whom (like me) are so ardent in our following that we almost never miss a post at her blog, La Casa delle Bambole di Flora.

This is my comment on her giveaway post:

I have acquired many a dollhouse books , so many that I did not have the opportunity to even open some of them so they are still carefully wrapped in yellowing plastic, collecting a firm film of dust :). 
But can I resist if I see more ? Of course not! You have made books close to my heart, dear Flora :). Please count me as one of your faithful follower, hopeful and thankful for this chance to win your books. 

106 of her followers participated but  I must have had about 107 lucky stars revolving around me on the draw date because I won.  Lucky, lucky me. I finally have a miniature collection alongside my humble real life collection of dolls' house books which I started buying since about 3 years ago. 

Today, I took out Flora's books and took pictures of them on top of one of my favorite, DOLLS' HOUSES -Domestic life and architectural styles in miniature from the 17th century to the present day by Olivia Bristol and Leslie Geddes-Brown. And then I thought, maybe I will show Flora my real life collection.

So here they are, 
Flora and all of you who love books on dolls' houses,  
these are mine, as at 18th August 2011.

More of the Sandra Morris' Collection with newer how to books.
 The DVD ,"Creating With Kiva" was a gift from Kiva Atkinson.

My very 1st book on dollhouse was "Classic Dolls' Houses" by Faith Eaton, 
bought way before I fell in love with dolls' houses.

Books that I have yet to read.

And those still wrapped in yellowing plastic, bought at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan.

Last but definitely not least, my latest and most beautiful collection,
hand made immaculately by someone I regard dearly,


  1. A simply fabulous collection, both mini and l/l sizes. Flora's books are amazing.

  2. What a great collections Sans! I too, go crazy for any dollhouse book that I can find! They have so much information and inspiration. The books from Flora are wonderful!

  3. You sure do have a great selection of books. Floras books are gorgeous. Greetings Maria

  4. wow- how wonderful! I am a wee bit jealous- of your mini collection and your life size collection too. I have some of the same books, but I see some interesting books I do not have. I have a bit of an obsession with books- in fact whenever I am sick my husband teases me because I lay in bed hugging a book- that is how good they make me feel :) Beautiful work by Flora ♥

  5. So many my dear.I wish you more free time to be able to read them all.Hugs Rosanna

  6. A good Saturday morning to Drora, Patty, Maria, Little Kim ;) and Ro :):), all my bibliophile friends. It's 9am Singapore time :).

    The book that I am coveting now is the one by Flora Gill....

    Ok, I wrote this comment halfway before heading out and now it is already 2pm!!!! Came back with 3 new books from a book flea mart, one on basket weaving , one a children's book with illustration of a house like a dolls' house and one on "Fantastic Plastic "!! That was after I placed an order for even more books with Amazon!

    Rosanna, you are right, I have time to buy books but no time to read them. :(

  7. Hi Sans ... But as I did, all this time, not to find out that you also have this wonderful blog?!
    Better late than never :-)
    Wow, it's pretty exciting to see things done by me in a place so far away ...
    But I note with disappointment that some pages have unstuck ... Hmmm ...
    Differences in humidity ...
    I thank you for showing your wonderful collection of books, of course I mean the big ones :-)
    Mine are only a modest token of friendship :-)
    A warm hug (now I am going to explore ...)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. No no no Flora,unstuck is good. It is more realistic :).

  9. We are so much alike, Sans! I love books of all sizes too! My dream is to purchase Flora's Beatrix Potter mini collection. Glad I finally found this post. :-)

  10. Hey, good to see you here, Jen! Flora's books are really well made as you can see in the pictures. So I highly recommend them.

  11. Mil veces enhorabuena ! que delicioso regalo ! comprendo que estes encantada con tu suerte... Mariajo

  12. Me gusta todo lo que he visto

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