Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Maharajah's Palace Project-Carpet

This is an excerpt of the post that first appeared on Day 80 of My Mahrajah's Palace:

This is my second carpet (8 1/2" by 5"), finished in the wee hours of this morning (2/7/09), 48 days after my 1st stitch.

I am pleased with it, only because my 1st one was really bad. Yes, the one that took me 81 days!

This time, I followed Casey's advice closely. I used a frame, 3 threads instead of 2 and I poked instead of scooped. Now if you do not know what in the world I am talking about, then I am afraid you have to go start and stitch your 1st carpet.

I enjoyed working on this piece tremendously because for the first time, I could see how it would turn out nicely for a change. This must be how the nomadic women felt when they weaved their carpets and really, there were moments when I felt suspended in time, transported to where they were, as I stitched away, lost in my own pleasure.

I used the following threads with number in brackets :

COSMO 169 (3)-Indigo
COSMO 2241 (2) - Maroon/ Liver Red
COSMO 800 (4) - Crimson
COSMO 1000 (1)- Ivory

I have also started on my next carpet today. This one is small Afghan rug again based on the Gul design. The design on this rug is versatile and can be expanded if desired. I will post a picture of the design when I have sorted out how to upload image without using the "Add Image" button as it is broken again! Has been so for the past few days.


  1. Dear Sans, I have a surprise for you in my blog, Miniatures Forever

  2. Hello Sans thanks to see my small blog, I like much yours, the works that beams seem to me hallucinating, very interesting and exotic.
    A minihug from Spain.Sonia

  3. I love this rug! Where did you get the pattern? Is it done in needlepoint, crossstich, or something else? What size mesh did you use? Love it!