Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miniatures Museum of The World-Taiwan (8)

Fairy Tales & Fantasy Pt 2

Raccoon House

The Witch
& The Seven Dwarves
(This is a very hard to photograph exhibit which shows the dwarves' house and the cave where they work)
The Witch
The Seven DwarvesAs you can see, Snow White is noticeably absent.

Alice In Wonderland

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the famous hookah scene:


  1. I love the walnut cot and the whole scene. Snowhite was Matteo's favourite cartoon, I sung "eh oh, eh oh..." a trillion of times. Then it came Robin Hood, he saw it a zillion of times until the tape went blank! and me with him!
    Alice is not a favurite of mine, too much British puns for my liking. Thank you Susan for sharing

  2. That is very funny, Rosanna, but how can anyone watch the tape until it went blank? You know, I am ashamed to admit that I never could finish Alice in Wonderland and worse than that, for some time, I mixed up Lewis Caroll with CS Lewis whom I thought was Cecil Day Lewis also Daniel Day Lewis' father!

  3. The best Alice in Wonderland was the British one...the one with Fiona Fullerton! It took me years to find it on DVD! Love all the little scenes! But I really love the raccoons house! All 3 are really creative! Thanks for sharing can never look at too much eye candy! :)

  4. You can, you can.... if you watch at it a zillion of times you can. The final is no longer vsible because he tape is somuch worn out that it has become snowy. I had to throw it away

  5. Hello Sans! Helsinki, Finland calling ; )
    Have you seen this:

    Hugs, Helena