Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art Running Route- Marina Bay

A partial view of the Art Science Museum from inside Marian Bay Sands

Thanks to the haze and my laze mainly, it's been almost a month since my last run with the boys. On Sunday, I decided to go solo round my favourite route at Marina Bay.  

Teddy Bear by Julien Marinetti

A cloudy morning and the constant threat of a drizzle made the weather a perfect one for a slow run. 
"Doggy John" 

I knew my run would be rewarding in terms of eye candies and I was not wrong. There was a series of bronze sculptures by a French artist called Julien Marinetti. 

"Panda Ba"

This is what the plague says about the artist:

 "Julien Marinetti is a painter, a sculptor, an engraver, someone creative to the upper tips of the fingers. He is essentially a visual artist and explores numerous facets of Arts. Full loving of the Quattrocento, he embossed his path in the melting pot of flamboyant classicism. 

Today his work goes back and forth, without losing itself, between neo-cubism and expressionism to show his famous syncretism of Arts. His sculptures- "Doggy John", "Teddy Bear", "Skull", "Duck" and now "Panda Ba" -are mediums he forms in the unique aim to paint them. His sense of "Panda Ba"- volume is insolently innate, however he confesses always "being in search of the absolute of architectural composition, balance in forms, in symmetry, in harmony" and that "he doesn't search likeness but existence". When he paints, he gives birth to his sculpture with rapid strokes, in a profusion of colours both instinctive and brilliantly mastered, and his preferred colours are perceptible." 

It took me a terribly long 90 minutes to complete 9.75 km but that is all right. It is no longer about the running but the route. 


  1. I could run too if I had pretty views like you had. :) :) Thank you for sharing it with us, dear SS. :)
    Hugs and kisses

  2. thank you for this sharing
    nice views

  3. Not bad if you think that you stopped for looking, taking pictures, measuring, memorising etc etc etc :o)
    How I long to be back.... cross fingers with me and may be in September....
    Big hugs to you all

  4. Love it! What a happy run. Thanks for taking us with you. I live in the hills and walking is cardio. I like the joke too, "Is running late cardio"\?"
    Cheers CM

  5. Que graciosos, me recuerdan a Puppy el perro del Guggenhein Bilbao.
    Felices Fiestas
    Un abrazo